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update on classes

*We have reopened for in-person lessons

Dear Conservatory Students, Parents, and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that on September 20 we returned to in-person lessons – and it has been a resounding success! It is so awesome to see some of our students in person again. (We still love our online students too though!) Also, we are so excited to welcome over 75 new students who have been patiently waiting for us to reopen for in-person lessons…yup, we have been busy and we are so happy to expand our Conservatory family!

This brings me to our next super important message…

For in-person lesson students (especially our Worthington students):

While we completely understand some of our parent’s reticence to come inside The Conservatory, we are all quite uncomfortable sending our students unsupervised into the parking lot by themselves after their lesson.

At our Gahanna/New Albany location, it is not difficult to see a student to the car from the front window. However, at our Worthington location, it is a long walk to the parking lot from the front door and we are very uncomfortable sending young children out into the dark by themselves.

We ask that parents come to the front door or at least the sidewalk to pick up their children. THANKS!

Penny L. Popper

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