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conservatory sampler™

“Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing.”
– John Erskinez

Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s not surprising if you have. Conservatory Sampler© has been unsuccessfully copied by teachers throughout Columbus and all over the country!

Conservatory Sampler© is the one and only original sampler, and is the best start in piano education for any age. It’s a trademarked, heavily-guarded secret in which only our Certified Conservatory Teachers (CCTs) are trained; and, for almost 50 years, our award-winning methodology has started the successful musical journeys of over 10,000 children and adults. We teach the building blocks of playing the piano and reading music, and cleverly disguise them as fun.

conservatory sampler vs. private lessons

all lessons are not created equal…

…and the copy is never as clear as the original. We all know the benefits of piano lessons for both children and adults; but, they need to be the right lessons with the proper materials at the correct time to receive the full benefits of piano instruction. Our fast-paced, exciting sessions are tailored to the age and personality of the student, and emphasize the skills a student needs to succeed and open the door to a lifetime enjoyment of the piano.

“I am retired and had some piano lessons early in my life through high school. Now that I have some extra time, I enjoy filling our home with beautiful music. Taking well structured lessons with a professional instructor at the Conservatory has changed my life.”

-guido m.

Conservatory Sampler options:

conservatory sampler for children:
This piano class is different than most music programs that simply wave scarves, bang rhythm instruments or press color-coded keys. Our students actually begin making music on the piano in their very first class and experience music through our unique teaching methods which are based on the art and science of reading music. It’s perfect for the beginner.

conservatory sampler for teens:
We have cleverly combined the important aspects of Conservatory Sampler for Children with the accelerated pace of Conservatory Sampler for Adults to develop a class for beginning teens. This is about more than just rote-learning the latest pop song from the radio-there is an actual methodology, and music reading skills are taught; the goal being to read the music and play songs of all styles when our method is complete.

conservatory sampler for adult beginners:
If you look at a page of music and go “huh?”, then this is the class for you! Whether you are 23 or 103, we have literally written the book to get you started, and have almost 50 years of experience to back us up. This class for adult beginners meets once per week with an emphasis on learning the building blocks of reading music while playing the piano for your own enjoyment. No previous knowledge is required or expected.

conservatory sampler “I used to play piano”:
Been awhile? Want to get back into playing the piano? We have a class for you, too! As a version of our Adult Sampler, this class will refresh your abilities and present new skills, all with a grown-up slant. You’ll want to practice for this one, so a piano (acoustic or digital) is necessary.

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