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custom piano classes

“Music begins where the possibilities of language end.”
– Billy Joel


Improvisation at the piano is an exciting, eight-week class based on the blues, offered privately or in a group setting. Using a combination of reading music and playing by ear, students in this class receive instruction in improvisation and the music theory behind it. The class fosters creativity and self-expression within the framework of structured music.

A piano, either acoustic or digital, is required, and intermediate piano experience is necessary.


An exciting way to truly appreciate music is to be involved in composing your own music. Our eight-week composition class is designed to teach the rules of composition in a piano-based setting. Within this theory-based framework, students learn first-hand how to create their own music, as well as how to present it both through performing and written notation.

A piano, either acoustic or digital, is required, and intermediate piano experience is necessary. 

college intensive

As a college music major in any discipline, at least a fundamental understanding of the piano is essential. Our eight-week college intensive course is designed to give entering college freshmen the piano skills they need to become successful music majors. As with any college-level course, work is required outside of class hours, as well as practice on a piano (or at least a full-sized keyboard).

Many of our previous participants were able to test out of several quarters of class piano lessons, a requirement for most music majors, saving valuable time and money.

group lessons

We teach fun group classes on demand. If you want to take classes with your friends, partner or family, contact us. We have taught husbands and wives, dating couples, BFFs, co-workers, kids at the same age, and adults at the same level.

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