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Columbus Piano Recitals & Performances

our recitals (dates in September and October) are carefully-constructed, professional-quality events, ranging from small gatherings to elaborate affairs. Every aspect of preparing a piece for performance is taught and reinforced to insure the success of every student. What you won't find in our performances is two hours of solely classical repertoire, or a child being reduced to tears from playing a wrong note. What you will find are confident students making music, doing their best job and being successful as a result of their hard work.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

The Conservatory of Piano annually sponsors a charity fundraiser to benefit The Salvation Army, and we invite all to attend and our students to participate. Conservatory students of all ages perform holiday songs during our music marathon, and The Conservatory offers music notes, pianos and ornaments for a small donation that decorate our musical Christmas tree during the event. Hundreds of students of all ages volunteer their time and talents to raise money and celebrate the joys of the season.

throughout the year, certain weeks are designated as performance weeks. Held during the student's regular lesson time, these performances are open to all friends and family. These mini recitals allow our students to gain even more valuable performance experience in a comfortable, supportive environment. Our amazing faculty often performs in piano ensembles as well, allowing students to see the professionals at work.

The Conservatory of Piano does not believe that a performance of one piece of music in a competition is an accurate assessment of the cumulative abilities and knowledge of a piano student. However, if handled correctly, an appropriate  competition can be a motivating and positive experience for the right student. As always, we do our best to ensure that any competition experience has the student's best interest and success as its goal, which is far more important than any ratings or awards.


don't stop 'till you reach the top!